NICE has launched new features as part of its cognitive process automation platform, ensuring businesses are prepared for the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), due to come into force in a little over two months.

The platform will automate any process that is essential under the new regulations, but burdensome for IT staff, such as deleting an employee’s information from the apps he or she may have been using in the organisation when they leave. Previously, this could take hours of manual work, but employing NICE’s business process automation platform means as soon as an employee no longer works at the company, their details can be removed automatically, meaning the company is complying with the ‘right to be forgotten’ guideline.

If a human needs to be alerted for verification, that can be built into the process, to ensure all parts of the GDPR are adhered to. NICE’s cognitive process automation platform also integrates AI capabilities to detect whether privacy data still exists within unstructured data, ensuring everything is removed in line with the regulations.

“Although there are technology solutions that support very specific elements of GDPR, NICE has the most comprehensive automation solution in the market to design and deploy process automations supporting multiple GDPR elements, simultaneously, from a single platform,” Miki Migdal, president of NICE Enterprise Product Group said.

“An example of multiple GDPR requirements best supported by Robotic Process Automation include: Consent, Right to be Forgotten, Data Minimization and Right of Portability. As global leaders in desktop automation and real-time process guidance, NICE is releasing innovative cognitive features to further enhance our automation platform’s intelligence to support some of the most complex process scenarios across the globe.”