Nokia will name its drones Ovni, according to a patent filed online. The brand name was spotted by Let’s Go Digital, which explained the Ovni trademark application to the European Union Intellectual Property Office was put in the “civilian and military drones” class.

Due to the add of LTE network support, the Nokia Ovni drones could also be used in the rescue operations field, when rapid communication with search and rescue teams is highly needed.

A Nokia press release earlier this year revealed its drones could use the company’s existing networking infrastructure to operate. The LTE base stations allow them to connect together and send back the vast amounts of ata to control centres.

A teaser video was recently published, showing the drones in action near factories. The location was chosen to allow the company to monitor performance without jeopardising security.

Nokia has also showcased its “Ultra Compact Network” station that is used to operate the drones remotely at an event in Dubai. The demonstration showed off the video-enabled drones flying in formation, showing how they could be used to quickly scan for people still alive after a natural disaster.

“Nokia always strives to expand the human possibilities of technologies for the benefit of mankind,” Bernard Najm, head of the Middle East Market Unit at Nokia said during the show in Dubai. “We are committed to corporate social responsibility, and with ‘Nokia Saves Lives’ we want to use our technologies with drones to show efficient rescue operations in collaboration with NGOs and network operators.

“The selection of this initiative by the UAE Drones for Good Award for a public demonstration in Dubai clearly shows usefulness of this innovative initiative for smart disaster recovery.”