Japanese robotics developer Flower Robotics has demonstrated its Patin technology at CES, enabling robot manufacturers across the world to bring their inventions to life.

The automated robot platform is designed to work with existing products, turning the device into a robotic version, with as little fiddling as possible from the developer or hardware side.

For example, it could turn everyday gadgets such as your smartphone, your fridge or lighting system into a robot, servicing your needs (such as bringing you the entire contents of the fridge or providing a floor lamp by your side when it’s getting a bit gloomy) without you even lifting a finger.

“When we put robot with skating shoes like movement on existing products such as home appliance and furniture, then would it be possible to create something very new. Self-behavioural robot platform with AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been made by systematic configuration of this idea,” the company said.

“Patin’s AI moves through observation and decision of surrounding environments, and behaves autonomously by collaborating with mounted lightings or properly responding to the request of plant care.”

The platform comprises the hardware and software to get creations mobilised. The wheeled unit takes its name from the French word skating, which apparently describes the movement of the device.

Flower Robotics also said the open source platform will change the way companies create robots, making it easy for anyone to bring their creations to life, rather than being limited by R&D budgets, for example.

“By providing third-party developers with technical support like SDK and simulator, small developers such as a group or even an individual will become able to participate in the development through platforms. In an environment with mutual cooperation, many people can contribute to the promotion and dissemination of home robot,” it said.