If you’re looking to get your hands on a new racing drone, Quadmovr’s latest creation is your best bet to leave other drones in the dust.

The company behind Quadmovr, a team of engineers and designers from France, has released a video showing just how fast this consumer drone is, with it setting off in a split second and shooting up into the air.

The drone’s talents aren’t just limited to speeds. It can also carry out a huge array of stunts, including backflips, barrel rolls, and hairpin turns with extreme agility.

Many of the comments on the video say the video has been speeded up to make it look faster, although others are less cynical and are in complete awe of Quadmovr’s talents, both building and flying such a machine.

“That’s the Quadmovr I’ve missed!!! Fearless, creative, inventive, back to pushing the envelope!!! Amazing piloting! This is my new favorite video of yours now!” wrote Jason Faulks, while some are more technical. ”

“What’s ur minimum throddle position like? When doing flips, do you have the motors cut off completely or still slightly running?” asks Morgan Wollman.

There are lots more questions, mainly around the build and control of the drone, such as battery life and how one would go about building a similar machine.

Unfortunately, the latest Quadmovr isn’t available to buy, because the group customises and improves existing drones using parts commercially available online.

The cost of this particular drone was $700, although if it ever was to hit the mainstream, it’s likely the group’s margin would need to be accounted for hiking the price up substantially and making it a much less attractive option for drone hobbyists.