Indiegogo isn’t a stranger to the robot and Riley looks to be one of the more successful funding campaigns, being touted as a security bot and entertainer for your kids and pets.

Although the robot’s first duty is to monitor what’s going in on your home and report this back to you via your smartphone or tablet, the people behind the rolling bot thinks watching their home  and controlling it will create entertainment for your kids too. As it’s patrolling around your home, it’ll keep your pets occupied too.

“With the best in smart robotics technology, Riley allows you to bring your home with you whether you’re away on business or just running a brief errand,” the company said on its Indiegogo page.

“Our trusted companion uses Wi-Fi connectivity to be utilized from any smart phone and can transmit live HD video and audio while in use. Riley can monitor the house for hours whether during the day or during shut eye. With Riley, now you really do have eyes in the back of your head. ”

Riley looks like a mini tank, with its caterpillar-like wheels and a 5-megapixel HD camera sticking out of its body. If it detects movement in your home, it’ll alert you with a notification sent to your Android or iOS device.

Obviously, roaming around your home 24/7 is thirsty work and if Riley starts running low on juice, he won’t stop monitoring your home. Just point him towards his charging station and as long as he’s within 1m, he’ll rush towards it to top up.

Riley is available from $159 and he will ship from July, ready to protect your home when you can’t be in to watch it yourself.