Robelf has launched a home security robot that has been designed to serve every need of an entire family.

Not only can the robot patrol the home to make sure it’s safe from intruders, it can also become a companion for children, pets and even adults.

It can teach with its specially developed apps, tell stories and entertain with games built in to keep everyone amused. Using ultrasound and infrared sensors, it can avoid obstacles in the home, gliding seamlessly around the house on its wheels.

If Robelf‘s battery drops below 20 per cent, it’ll automatically head back to its charging station and start charging itself. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be keeping an eye on your home – it will continue running and taking in its surroundings.

Its iBeacon technology means it can be told when and where to patrol and it’ll start protecting your home. Simply mount Elf Eye onto the main body of the robot and it’ll record everything going on n your home, sending you a real-time feed.

The removable camera can also be used as a webcam for your computer, or you can take it off Robelf and into its standalone mount if you want to record a different part of your home.

When Robelf detects movement, it’ll try and identify the person using facial recognition technology so it can work out whether the person is really an intruder or just a member of your family seeking a midnight feast.

The Taiwanese company behind Robelf wanted to make a robot that is cheap and fills every need of the modern home.

“For the past few years we have been working towards creating a home robot for the average family,” the company behind Robelf explained.

“Many home robots on the market today are either too expensive or do not have the necessary features that people really need. We want to change that with Robelf! We are hoping to bring a home robot that can become a vital part of the family and make peoples lives much more easier!”