Team Hicat has launched a new campaign on Kickstarter to fund its augmented reality, robot-powered gaming platform.

Arco comprises a little robotic car and an Android and iOS app that allows you to dive deep into any number of digital worlds, where you can control the Arco Rover robot around using a keypad (that usefully can be stored within the robot), shooting aliens or other virtual characters.

But ARCO isn’t just your regular AR game. Although you can take part in battles and puzzles, there re also coding games that teach to basis of coding. One in particular allows you to place AR flags and set up sequences of commands to guide your Rover Robot around the virtual world as you roam around.

You can also mount ARCO’s AR glasses and use those instead of the screen, making the experience even more immersive.

Packed inside the Rover’s controller are sensors including an accelerometer that offers accurate motion detection, a trigger for shooting objects that cross your path and a rocker that allows you to move around smoothly.

“ARCO’s AR system with object recognition allowing your smart phone to track the location and position of ARCO, so the program could know if ARCO’s weapon hit the target or no,” the company explained on its Kickstarter page.

“The plane detection technology would let you to place a 3d virtual environment directly onto any surface area like your working desk or floor. With the latest AR technology from Apple ARkit, Google ARCore and cutting edge 3D object tracking technology, ARCO could brings life-like game scenes right into your house.”

The robot is fully hackable for those that like to have a tinker, including the ability to add on new sensors or rewrite the software to make it do even more than comes as standard.

ARCO is available from $79 and you have another 20 days to snap it up.