Ecovacs Robotics has developed a robotic window cleaner that will keep your windows squeaky clean – without any wires at all.

The WINBOT X’s design means the entire window can be cleaned without cables getting in the way. The robot can be set off with just a few finger gaps, making it pretty effortless to achieve a streak-free finish.

“Regularly keeping windows clean is a never-ending battle for consumers and Ecovacs realised there was a need in the market for a cordless window cleaning robot that could reach areas previously inaccessible, without its movement being restricted,” Jonathan Tang, vice president of global channels at Ecovacs Robotics said.

“The WINBOT X does exactly this. It is designed for people who want to enjoy a better view from their windows without the hassle of cleaning the windows themselves. By combining advanced cleaning abilities and a Safety Tether System, our customers are now able to consistently enjoy cleaner windows than ever before.”

Some of the WINBOT X’s headline features (aside from being completely cordless) include a deep clean mode, a four-stage cleaning system that makes sure windows look brand new, however big they are.

For example, even the top of floor-to ceiling windows can be cleaned as the WINBOT X manoeuvres around the area autonomously, with a battery pack providing up to 50 minutes of cleaning power.

The window cleaner works in multiple stages. First, it scans and analyses the window to work out how dirty the windows are and where they’re most grimy.

Then it’ll switch to deep cleaning mode, which ensure the most polished finish by repeatedly cleaning the same area over and over again. It combines an integrated mopping action and a squeegee to clean in all directions.

The WINBOT X also employs edge detection technology to identify where the edges of the windows are, cleaning right up to the edges.