Following on from last week’s foodie-centric robot tip with Chowbotics’ Sally the Salad Robot, this week, we’re taking a more carb-based approach with Rotimatic, a flatbread robot that makes rotis and other delicious flour-based treats in a matter of seconds.

The automated food-maker has launched in the UK following success in Singapore and the US, with punters now able to order the kitchen gadget from the company’s website for a rather cool £760, but the company says using the Rotimatic will save an hour every time you want to embark upon a flatbread journey.

The robot was created to satisfy the demand of 25% of the world’s population that eats flatbreads. It can produce a whole range of flatbread including tortillas, pizzas and different variants of the traditional ‘roti’ itself like the masala rotis and puris. It’s controlled by a smartphone app, meaning you can turn it on and start making breads remotely, while it will send back usage data to engineers making sure any issues can be rectified instantly.

New recipes are downloaded as soon as they become available and the company is adding new ones all the time, meaning you can get creative with your bread whenever it’s time to think of something to make for dinner.

Rotimatic, created by Pranoti Nagarkar and Rishi Israni is already being used to make a million flatbreads a month and the founders now have big plans to launch worldwide.

“Eating healthy and staying fit have always been my priority, Nagarkar said. “But I realised that following a healthy diet plan was always challenging and time consuming. I wanted to eat healthy home cooked meals but I never had the time to prepare an entire meal from scratch. I wanted to solve this problem with the use of technology and that’s when the idea of Rotimatic was born. During the entire design and manufacturing process my vision was to make a device that makes health accessible, easy and convenient”.