In an attempt to keep up with its competitors and diversify revenues, Samsung has announced its intentions to enter the world of automation.

It made the announcement recently that it would be putting together an entire department to explore this new area of business, focusing its attention on driverless technology, as well as entertainment systems for cars.

Vice president and CEO of Samsung Electronics, Kwon Oh-Hyun, is in charge of managing the team that has been assembled to develop this new technology. With other sectors of Samsung already immersed in the auto-industry – Samsung SDI producing electrical car batteries for example – the automotive area was an obvious choice for the Samsung.

Following the Trend

Samsung is not the only company that has chosen the automobile route when it comes to robotics and automation. Apple and Google have also dipped their technological toes into this field.

While Apple developed a feature known as Car-Play that links the car’s entertainment system to an iPhone, Google is continuing to test prototypes of unmanned vehicles.

It is unclear how large Samsung’s new business unit will be. However, it is clear that we can expect further details as Samsung begins to focus on developing these components for driverless cars. It seems there will be particular focus on entertainment and information systems.