Sony has created a coding and robotics kit for creators of the future. Although the company has already launched its Koov concept in Japan , it’s now gearing up for a US launch with an Indiegogo campaign to help finance its debut..

The robots can be built using colourful Koov blocks, which add sensors, actuators, a set of motors, sensors  and then work together using a mobile application. Kids can use the app to build 23 different pre-determined designs with the 302 block Advanced Kit and almost infinite other robotic combinations.

It’s designed for children aged between 8 and 14,, with children able to make their own robots and share the code they develop with other users around the globe using AppShare.

In addition to all these functions, users can also make use of Koov’s Robot Recipe Sharing, which is an online database of custom robots and code created by users. Uploads are vetted by Sony to ensure they’re age appropriate, but it means children can understand the value of a code database where they can share ideas and develop new applications too – almost like a GitHub for kids.

Combining this with a comprehensive, 30+ hour educational course which focuses on coding, robotics and design, Koov is a great way for children to discover the field of robotics. It’s not only about making robots, it’s also about comprehending how they work and the processes that go into making an idea into a reality.

Koov is the first product developed by Sony’s Global Education division and it’s because of the department’s startup attitude that has allowed it to develop into such an innovative product, the company explained.

However, there is a downside to Sony’s educational robots – Koov’s price starts at $359 (£278) for the Starter Kit and $499 (£386) for Advanced, while Lego’s new Boost set starts at just $160 (£123), making Sony’s contribution quite a bit more expensive.