SwellPro has just completed its Splash 3 Kickstarter campaign, where it raised more than three times its target, meaning backers could experience the Splash 3’s power as early as next month (July).

The third iteration of SwellPro’s drone can fly through the air and land on water, with its waterproof chassis floating across the surface to record footage underwater with its suspended camera and help fishermen attract fish to their lines by dropping bait.

It comes in two versions – Auto, which ships with an underwater-compatible 4K cam and the Fisherman version with a “Payload Release System” that can drop a huge cargo of bait to fish underwater.

Other features built into the drone and its accompanying app include Follow Me Mode, which allows you to follow the drones progress up to 35mph with complete control over the camera and you can choose anywhere on a map to make a predetermined journey, using the Mission Planning. You can also switch to the Return to Home mode and the drone will swim back to its initial place – presumably where you’re standing.

For those to whom footage quality is key, the Splash 3’s camera focuses on minimising shaky video, with sound included to hear the surroundings. The camera can also take 15-megapixel still photos and it features a robust 5G glass lens with a 106-degree field of view for the ultimate high-quality shots.

Other improvements to the SwellPro Splash drone include a new S3 Flight Controller, with a better propulsion system and more powerful motors for moving through the air and of course on the water’s surface faster.

The company has also completely overhauled the device’s remote control with a high contrast video monitor, displaying the Splash 3’s data in real-time.

The Splash 3 Fisherman Edition was selling for $1,249 (RRP $1399), while the Auto was on sale for $1,449 (RRP $1699).