Whether you’re looking at buying a drone just for fun, or want to record Hollywood-style movies from the air, there’s something for everyone, but sometimes these drones can cost a lot more than even a low-budget film can afford.

Enter the Yuneec Typhoon H – a high-performance drone that can record super high-quality video at a fraction of the price of other similar-performing flying machines.

The Typhoon H features a retractable landing gear for a smooth landing, with a 360-degree camera embedded in the drone’s body.

As an upgrade to its predecessor, this drone features six rotors instead of four, offering more stability than similar-priced drones, which is especially useful if one or two of the motors fail.

Automation is key here, with a number of features designed to make it operate independently, including Orbit, Point of Interest, Curved Cable, and Journey. It also includes basic sense and avoid tech to keep it flying without obtaining damage along the way.

The Typhoon H is expected to retail for $1,799, which although still pretty pricey, isn’t beyond a drone fanatic’s pocket. In fact, it brings the gadget into the consumer arena, which is certainly attractive for those who want to start making some serious movies.

“A central part of our mission is to bring new and advanced creative possibilities within the reach of everyone,” said Yu Tian, chief executive officer of Yuneec International. ”

We’ve engineered the Typhoon H to redefine what customers should expect to pay for a drone with such an array of professional features. At this price point, no other drone comes close to the Typhoon H in terms capability and value.”