ZeroUI has showcased its DIY robot builder called Ziro Robotics Kit, meaning you’ll soon be able to build your very own robot in the comfort of your own home, just as your kids build houses with Lego.

The modular system makes it easy to fix pieces together to develop whatever weird and wonderful buddy you want to create, whether it’s a toy like Sphero’s BB8 or something more robust, like some of the humanoid robots we’ve seen come to fruition in the last few months.

The kits will apparently be expandable, allowing you to add more parts to the little critters, whether a new body kit, enhanced motors or extra intelligence is required in your ‘bot.

Everything is controlled by a smart glove, which integrates all the sensors you need to get your robot going. Gestures and motions are translated into your robot’s movements, with an app describing how each flick of the hand will affect your robot.

For example, angle your hand downwards and the robot will shoot forward. Tilt it left to make the robot move left and yep – you’ve guessed it, right to make the robot move right.

Although the idea seems to be pretty simplistic right now, there’s great potential for this sort of robot, hopefully encouraging children to get more involved in developing their own toys or intelligent machines. As extra kits become available, it’s likely anyone with a starter pack will be able to develop their robot into something unique, yet sophisticated.

ZeroUI’s Ziro Robotics Kit will launch in the UK later in 2016, although the company hasn’t announced pricing, or whether it will come in different ‘bundles’ with varying price points.

Image credit: The Verge