ZoZbot is a customisable gaming experience that can change whenever the user fancies something a little different.

The continuously-evolving platform behind ZoZbot has been designed by inventors, engineers and gamers, with a complicated system of automation and design behind it.

Whether you want to play pool, pinball, mini-golf, football or any other game, you can with ZoZbot.

A modular robot sits at the heart of the ZoZbot ecosystem, alongside a modular stadium, the ZoZadium.

You can add a wide variety of modules and sensors, including cameras, sounds, lights, a crane, rocket launcher and other weapons and avatars to change the robot’s set up according to the game you want to play.

Everything is controlled by a smartphone – either Android or iOS – and the platform is rapidly evolving, with CutThroatRobotics, the company behind the idea, developing new features for the robot and the stadium all the time.

Additionally, the company will encourage its community to develop new features and ideas for both the robot and the stadium to make it exactly what they want.

“ZoZbot was designed to inspire creativity and promote interactive fun and learning for players of all ages with a customizable gaming experience that can transform into something new each time you show up to play,” Ken Miller, founder and CEO of CutThroatRobotics said. “If you can dream it, you can make it a part of your ZoZbot experience.”

The modular ZoZbot robo-gaming robot is due to launch in May and will cost from $149 for the basic unit.