Aerix’s Black Talon drone is taking the drone racing industry by storm, making it a doddle to race drones around the skies, even if you’re a relative newcomer to the sport.

The lightweight drone boasts superior manoeuvring ability thanks to its 6-axis flight control system working alongside adjustable gyro sensitivity, but just because it’s aimed at people starting out drone racing, doesn’t mean it’s not set up to smash racing records.

If you’re not comfortable taking to the manual controls just yet, you can choose to use headless mode, which helps you stay upright even if you’re speeding along and with one touch return-to-pilot, you can make sure your drone doesn’t go-a-wandering at the most inopportune time.

Other features include the option of three different flight speeds and pre-programmed 360-degree flips and rolls, making you look the pro even if it’s the first time you’ve controlled a drone. It’s designed for use both inside and out and because it’s one of the smaller racing drones on the market, you’re unlikely to damage your home if you decide to test out its capabilities in your bedroom.

Aerix’s Black Talon drone can reach speeds of up to 15mph, which may not seem fast enough to conquer all, you’ll feel like a champ as you twist and turn around the route determined by your fellow racers.

At just $99 (around £76), it also features a wide-angle 720P HD camera capable of streaming live video, LEDs to help light up the route for night races, and myriad of other features, it’s on par with other drones that’ll set you back three or four times the cost.

If you do make a mistake and end up crash-landing the drone, four spare blades come in the box, so you can quickly hot swap them if you destroy any of the rotors beyond repair.

Aerix Black Talon is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and also Google Cardboard-compatible headsets for the ultimate flying experience.