AImotive (formerly AdasWorks) has developed what it claims to be the most innovative self-driving car experience available.

The company’s software has been designed to make self-driving vehicles safer and more comfortable than other automated car technologies, using artificial intelligence to ensure it can react in a natural way.

It uses machine learning to understand how people in different cultures and with different driving styles react to hazards and then applies this to the software powering the car or road vehicle.

Whether it’s learning how the road surface changes when there’s a rain downpour or how visibility changes when there’s thick fog, AImotive’s technology ensures the car can respond in a way that assures the safety of passengers.

The way the AI is trained is fully scalable too, using a simulator tool that ensures it can learn on any scale. The result of this intelligent learning system is the only L5 architecture suitable for use across the world, whatever the country’s regulations on self-driving technologies.

“AImotive has experienced phenomenal growth since our launch in 2015, growing from 15 engineers to more than 120 researchers and developers, including 16 PhDs,” said Laszlo Kishonti, CEO and founder of AImotive.

“Our team of AI and machine learning experts approach the driving experience from a global perspective, and recognize the need to create a quality experience across diverse climates, driving styles and cultures.”

aiDrive forms the basis of AImotive’s suite of products. It’s the continuously learning engine that combines and analyses sensor data to understand more than 100 objects pedestrians, bicycles, animals, buildings and obstacles and tracks the parameters of other road users, such as speed and location.

Other products in the company’s portfolio are aiKit to help with the learning of the system and its aiWare hardware for installing embedded solutions.