A startup has developed an application that maps all drones to stop them crashing into aeroplanes and each other.

Airmap‘s dashboard can be used by air traffic controllers to stop aircraft being affected by the thousands of consumer drones flying around the skies and to also act as a first warning system for pilots – as long as the drones are flying less than 500 feet.

Drone makers are being asked to sign up to the platform so their drone’s data can be shared with the app to help warn those in control of planes, helicopters and other flying vehicles if a drone wanders into their airspace.

So far, 80 US airports have signed up to use the app and hopefully prevent any accident happening – whether caused by a commercial or a consumer-controlled flying machine.

Airmap has raised $15m to help develop the app globally, setting its sights on providing such a warning system to airports and airspace controllers around the world, while also offering commercial drones a management suite to prevent accidents happening.

“Our commitment is to help make drones a part of everyday life,” AirMap CEO Ben Marcus said. “Thousands of innovators are developing amazing applications for drones, ranging from package delivery and industrial inspection to precision agriculture and public safety.

“Building a safe and efficient operating environment for drones helps to take these applications from experimental to mainstream.”

The funds were raised from private investment firms including Lux Capital, Social Capital, TenOneTen Ventures, Bullpen Capital and the Pritzker Group. So far, the company has raised $17.6m in funding since it was formed in 2014.