The Alpha 2 humanoid robot replicates a human and it’s fit for all the family. Whether you want a yoga buddy, someone to remind you when you have an appointment or to help your children with their homework, Alpha 2 will become part of your family in no time.

Alpha 2 can also act as a personal assistant, triggering playback of your voicemails, calling phone numbers and organising your diary. He can translate foreign languages and also, control your smart home, whether you want him to turn the lights on at a certain time, warm up the house by switching on your central heating or keeping an eye on your home while you’re away using your connected security system.

His real-life personality will react to your questions and answer them like a human being. He can also recognise faces, so he can give you personal diary reminders that are synched from your phone, while your partner or kids will get updates specifically related to them.

Using this front-facing camera, he can also take pictures and upload them to social media automatically if you want him to, although we wouldn’t recommend posting everything to your Facebook or Twitter without checking first!

‘Alpha 2 is just like a smartphone but without a screen, so you can download applications from an app store,’ and Alpha 2 explained.

‘You can make Alpha 2 do anything. For example, if you want it to be a nurse, you can download health management, or if you want it to be a teacher, you can download an app to teach English. Alpha 2 can also learn from language and habits, to be smarter’.

Although Alpha 2 runs on proprietary software, developers are being invited to develop their own applications too, whether that’s adding more functionality or improving the way Alpha 2 carries out his everyday tasks.

Alpha 2 will be available to buy from March, with a price tag of $1300 (£900).