Blue Frog Robotics has demonstrated its Buddy robot, which ingeniously integrates a tablet for its face that can be detached for children to play with.

The three-wheeled machine is more than just a toy though. It can service your entire family, acting as a family pet, a guard for your home or as a babysitter if you need someone to watch your children while you’re trying to get on with household chores.

If you leave Buddy at home, he can be your personal security guard, patrolling the house and alerting you if it detects anything suspicious going on.

Buddy can also make phone calls via Skype or other VoIP services. The tablet face integrates a camera, so video calls are no problem and it can also take pictures on demand if you want it to send you updates of what your children are doing or the state of your home if you’re not around.

The robot will also remind you when an event is upcoming, making sure you have enough time to act upon it, by wheeling over to you and reminding you not to be late. He’ll also turn off smart appliances if they’re not in use, saving you energy and money on your bills.

Buddy also has a gadget expansion slot, which, in future, Blue Frog Robotics says will allow you to add extra peripheries to make him even more useful around the home.

What is probably the cutest part of Buddy are his facial expressions. Not only will his face change according to his mood, but they ill also keep your children entertained with a cute smile, frown or complete disappointment if he’s losing one of the many games he’s set up to play.

Last year, Buddy raised $616,000 on Indiegogo, which should help get him into production very soon.