Amazon is developing a robot that will be summoned every time you need to charge your smartphone, without you even lifting a finger.

You can either ask the robot manually for assistance, or you can choose auto mode, which means whenever your device’s battery dips to 10%, the company’s robot will come and find you using location data so you can happily charge your phone without that overriding fear you’ll run out of juice before you finish that game of Words With Friends.

According to GeekWire, a recently published patent shows a detailed network of robots that can be summoned in airports, shopping mall and also many other different public areas whenever you’re at risk of running out of battery power.

“It can be quite inconvenient to a user when one of these devices runs out of battery power,” Amazon revealed in the patent. “This is especially true if the user does not have an available charging adapter for the device. Users may find themselves asking friends, or even strangers, to borrow a charging adapter.

“In some cases, there may not be any charging ports, or power outlets in the immediate vicinity, making charging the device even more cumbersome. Even in cases where charging stations, ports, or outlets are available, a user may have to remain close to the device. For example, charging a phone in a public place may require the user to remain in the general area of the phone to avoid theft.”

The patent, which was first filed in 2015 and has only just been published publicly, states the company doesn’t want to charge for the service, but instead will invite users to pay by watching an ad, responding to a survey or browsing for an item and/or purchasing goods from an e-commerce marketplace.

Some of Amazon’s innovations are quite weird, not to say something else. One of them is called: The Echo Show. It is an Alexa-enabled tool that make a two-way video chat via its drop in feature possible. It started shipping since last month. The Echo Look, which has an embedded camera to take photographs of your outfits, is only available by invitation.