LG is trying out its new helper robots in Korea’s biggest airport. Seoul’s Incheon airport will have two different robots made by LG, guiding and helping travelers find their way in the airport and enhancing their overall experience.

One robot in operation will be the Airport Guide robot that will guide people in the airport, while the Airport Cleaning robot will keep the airport clean.

There is much more to these bots to simply showing the way or cleaning the floor. The Cleaning Robot is the size of a 6-year-old child. It may be small but it’s smart, LG explained, capable of detecting zones that need cleaning more often than the others. It registers these places in its database and calculates the best way to go there every time it thinks it needs a clean.

The Airport Guide robot can speak Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese to cater for the influx of international visitors passing through Incheon every day. It will be able to help travelers and guide them with information about the direction they should take and the boarding times of their flights. The robot may walk around the airport slowly, but this means it’s the perfect guide to take passengers to where they need to be, whether they’re businessmen or older people.

In the case of many robot guides, they job they do is more for show than anything else, but LG is determined to keep on developing its commercial robot business and make it a future development tool.

These types of robots are becoming more popular around the world and although they are a little way from replacing humans in most customer service positions, engineers are working hard to better take into consideration obstacle avoidance and work faster to satisfy more customers.