Automation is here to stay, however much employees quake in their boots about how they’re soon going to be out of a job, or employers get excited about how they can cut costs by replacing their workers with robots.

However, apps like Automate can make automating everyday tasks a whole lot easier on your Android tablet or smartphone. Like IFTT, it integrates with a shed load of services, but unlike IFTT, it uses a simple drag and drop interface to add task to your automations.

For example, you can send an automatic email to those attending a meeting when you’ve arrived at the venue, send a message to your partner when you’re leaving the office or turn Wi-Fi on as soon as you step foot in your home. Change settings to save battery when you start running out of juice, turn your phone on silent when you get your regular commuter train or copy files to your Google Drive or other cloud storage at the same time every day.

The app supports the majority of functions and apps on your Android device, with more than 300 “building blocks” to create the workflow. There are also lots of ‘states’ or ‘conditions’ you can use to automate workflows, such as when you’re at a location, turn a feature on or off, send a message, send an email, get location co-ordinates and much more.

If you build an awesome automation that changes your life, you can easily share it with your friends, directly from the app. From a security point of view, any automations or blocks you’re not using won’t be given permission to run, so you can be rest assured only those you’re using will be able to access the features you want to automate.

The best thing about Automate? The app is completely free to use and will probably revolutionise your life to make everything easier.