There are a vast array of underwater drones, designed to help fishermen find a catch, researchers find more about the environment and explore wrecks, but the Titan drone, now funding on Kickstarter is designed for fun.

The $1200 (earlybird price – usually $1400) drone can withstand up to depths up to 150m – more than the average drone – and can capture beautiful 4k video and photos on demand.

Titan can be controlled on a smartphone using the dedicated GeneRov app and although can be used to find out more about the underwater environment or for research purposes, any clear footage can be stored and shared.

You can stream video in real time to the outside world to share on your social media, or just store it when you want to re-live your adventures.

To ensure the video and photos are as good quality as possible, red and purple filters provide colour correction while capturing footage in water at depths of 5m to 21m, cancelling out the green-out effect of algae and brightening up footage.

This is enhanced by the use of LED lights that mean everything can bee seen in its full glory, without blinding sealife.

The drone is powered by 6 high-performance thrusters and uses a steering algorithm to swim around without being overpowered by any currents and it’s fully prepped to add more equipment, such as sensors, an underwater microphone if you want sound to accompany your videos, sonar and a robotic arm for rescue missions.

Titan’s battery will last for up to 4 hours at a time and as it only takes two hours to fully charge, you can take it on full day dives with you, charging it when you come up for air and to re-fill your tanks.