Nortek is making commercial and multi-tenant property management a breeze thanks to its automated Elan robot that automates the core functions of a building. It’s a similar concept to a fully-connected smart home, controlling elements such as audio, video, security, lighting and climate.

“Commercial installers are already leveraging the same features and capabilities that make Elan great for residential projects in their hotel, restaurant, corporate, and commercial building projects,” NSC senior director of marketing Bill Hensley said.

“Elan enables the integrated management of all connected sub-systems that a business needs to operate efficiently, from temperature management of the walk-in cooler, to the integration of the surveillance and security system, to full management of the AV system.”

Staff are able to use the app on a tablet or smartphone to control the building’s functions, plus other things, such as music played over speakers in different parts of the building. It could be used effectively in restaurants for example, where different areas have different music choices or different levels of sound.

“For example, the audio might need to be louder outside, while playing softer – or an entirely different soundtrack – inside,” Hensley said. “Elan makes it easy to personalise each space to operate as a separate ‘zone’ or to group these zones on-the-fly as the occasion.”

Elan is based upon customised events and schedules, changing dynamically at certain times of the day or when one-off meetings or conferences are happening.

The company’s automated building management system has been installed in a range of commercial properties including the PLAY Restaurant & Lounge in Dubai, the Nashville Underground bar in Nashville, and the College of St. Benedict in Rogers Minnesota.