Automated continuous integration and development firm CircleCI has announced its expansion into Japan, offering more businesses the opportunity to automate their development processes.

At the moment, the company has businesses set up in the US and UK but it wanted to expand into Asia to offer more opportunities.

“We are really excited about Japan, excited about global,” CEO Jim Rose explained. “Japan has been a market that has had its own momentum, and it has had speed that has picked up over the years.”

CircleCI’s platform is used by developers and engineers around the world to automate the software creation process, making it a much faster process to create new apps and services. It integrates with GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, and Bitbucket, so whenever you share code with any of these services, CircleCI can create an app r service for you, using the code.

When you’ve created your code, CircleCI can also test it in a clean container. Any issues can be instantly flagged, without developers having to manually test their creations. If there are any hiccups, teams or individual developers are notified straight away, so it can be fixed and deployment isn’t held up.

When everything is tested and checked or changed if there are problems, CircleCI can also take care of the deployment, automatically launching it on the on-premise environment it will run from.

Although CircleCI said the UK is its second largest market, it now wants to diversify and launching in Asia was a natural progression, especially after receiving $59 million in venture capital funding, including a $31 million Series C earlier this year.

“There are a lot of moving parts around Brexit and GDPR and whether you can approach them as a single market or multiple. At the very least, you have to approach the U.K. as its own market separate from the EU,” Rose explained to Bloomberg.