Two ex-firefighters have developed a smart fire safety device that closes all the doors in a building to stop a fire spreading and switches lights on so people can find a route to leave.

The smart home device reacts to the sound of a smoke alarm and springs into action, making the environment safer for residents. It also sounds another alarm to wake anyone up who hasn’t been alerted by the first sound.

The firefighters developed the device on the back of research that shows closing doors and containing a fire can provide an additional 15 minutes of protection and it can also offer a 900-degree (fahrenheit) difference to the temperature of  a fire, allowing you more time and safety to plan your departure or wait for rescuers.

LifeDoor is simple to fix to existing doors, making it a perfect solution for both homes and offices.

“Multiple studies show that the best way to slow the spread of deadly smoke and heat in a house fire is to close the door, but there are a variety of reasons why many of us don’t do that, especially at night,” the founders of LifeDoor explained.

“We want to listen for our children, let our pets move around freely, or maybe we just forget. It is also easy to become disoriented at the sound of a smoke alarm, when it may be too late, or unsafe to try shut the doors ourselves. LifeDoor eliminates all those concerns.”

The company is appealing for funding on Kickstarter, although it’s already managed to raise £12,090 of its £37,425 goal. The company is selling its LifeDoor devices for £67 each, with a smart version available for £74. To cover the average home, you’ll probably need to invest at least £210 for its three-pack, but what’s the price of a life?