Chinese robotics manufacturer Roobo has launched a robotic dog that uses AI to learn what you love and how you like to be loved by a pet.

Domgy isn’t just a companion though. He’ll tell you the weather forecast and the news headlines. He can change the TV channel if you don’t like what’s playing and because he features facial recognition, he can identify friends and strangers.

If he doesn’t recognise a face in your home alone, he’ll alert you that he thinks there’s an intruder in your home, making him the perfect security system too and when his battery starts running out of juice, he’ll head back to his charging station to top up on energy.

Created alongside Korean robotics firm Innovative Play Lab, Domgy measures nine-inches tall and, like many social and smart hoe robots, has a touchscreen face, which doubles up as his control centre and media centre if you want to play back video, for example. That cute head also integrates his camera that recognises (or doesn’t recognise) faces.

“With its unique AI capabilities, you can teach Domgy to do different things based on voice commands and visual cues,” Anthony Chen, Roobo’s marketing director told CNBC. “Unlike a lot of consumer robots on the market, it’s both functional and fun.”

“Roobo has a big technical team behind its AI, and our AI focus is on improving the family experience,” said Chen. “You can combine functions yourself, just like putting together a jigsaw puzzle,” such as a choreographed dance routine, Chen added.

He explained the company’s key market is the entire family, specifically those with busy lives, that may not have enough time to look after a real dog, which requires taking for walks, feeding and petting all the time.

“We are focused on integrating cutting-edge AI and robotic technology to enhance the interactive experience [and] create a smarter, better life,” Chen explained.

Domgy is just one of the many robotic dogs available on the market. Wowwee’s CHiP dog was announced at CES back in January.