Ever just checked into a hotel, got to your room to find something’s missing? Whether a towel, pillows or anything else you may need for your stay? You don’t really want to traipse down to reception to pick up what you need, but equally, in true British style, you’re not really hot on inconveniencing people.

Well, Elvis and Priscilla are going some way to fix that small issue. They’re hospitality robots that will fetch anything you need to make your break more comfortable. A quick phone call to reception, a tap at the door and one of the duo will arrive with whatever you need.

Elvis and Priscilla are being tested at Las Vegas’ Renaissance Hotel, opposite the Las Vegas Convention Centre. They’re been working for almost three months now and can pick items up from the front desk, navigate the lifts in the hotel and autonomously call the guest’s phone when they arrive at the door. They map the inside of the hotel, making sure they can still find their way, even if the Wi-Fi or LTE signal fails.

Elvis and Priscilla are two of Savioke’s Relay robots, specifically designed to service hotel guests’ every need.

Relay’s maker explained its robots have a whole range of uses around hotels. They can patrol a hotel and seek out areas where Wi-Fi signal is a little shaky, reporting it to IT so they can fix it and ensure guests have the connectivity they expect.

They will also be able to tell the hotel’s cleaning team when an area needs cleaning or there’s been an accident (such as spilled drink), so they can minimise disruption to hotel guests.

In the future, the company wants Elvis and Priscilla to chat to guests, striking up real conversation and telling jokes to keep them entertained throughout their stay.