The Freebird Flight claims to be the safest, most robust commercial and consumer drone out there. Not only is it weatherproof, with a super-sturdy frame, it’s also 3D printed, meaning it’s easy to manufacture and new parts can be made in a few minutes if anything changes or does – God forbid – break.

It’s printed in carbon fibre, making it lightweight and strong – very important for a drone that claims to be the safest around.

But Freebird Flight is more than just a single drone. It’s an entire Aerial Utilty Vehicle (AUV) platform, which can be fully customised to fit a variety of applications. Built around the SurroundFrame, which is the outer casing of the device, the internals can be changed to suit whatever application you need it for.

The SurroundFrame is the part that will stop rain, wind or snow affecting the Freebird’s performance. It has patents pending for its weather shield technology, while the storage bays built into the design are weather-proofed with a flexible cover to keep anything stored inside protected from the elements.

The wiring is custom-fitted too. It’s protected from the wind and rain and prying eyes to make it ultra secure, even if the drone falls into the wrong hands.

Motor mounts double as landing pads, so even the most unstable controllers can be rest assured they won’t damage the drone on landing, while your own elements can be mounted on the flat design to help you transform the frame into anything you so wish.

For those wo don’t necessarily want to build their own drone from the ground up, using Freebird’s SurroundFrame, the Freebird One is available to buy, which includes all the components to work out of the box. It can run up to 30 minutes continuously and reaches speeds of up to 70mph with a vertical speed of 3000 feet per minute.