The Herbot robot is trying to make gardening a less stressful task (yep, that’s right, rather than the relaxing pastime it’s designed to be, gardening can cause a whole world of stress to some).

The robot is actually a range of robots that work together using sensors such as those to measure and control the climate, hydroponics tools, and other growing algorithms to service your plants in the most efficient way possible.

It has been designed for all types of gardener, from hobbyists, to those wanting to be self sufficient, growing their own fruits and vegetables to feed their family.

“With Herbot’s automatic gardening capabilities, we hope to help those who might never have grown food before by giving them the resources and confidence to become urban farmers and join the growing movement for all-natural, hyper-local food,” said Talha Sabri, CEO, farm 4.0.

Herbot will even plant the seeds for you. They’re provided in preseeded net pods that need the growing solution added and are then placed in a hydroponics reservoir. The user then selects the plant algorithm they want to use from the accompanying Herbot app and is guided through the growing process. Herbot knows exactly what the perfect conditions are for each plant, so it will create a completely tailored programme for you based on your crops and your lifestyle to make it as stress free as possible.

Farm 4.0 is selling three different Herbot models on Kickstarter. The Herbot Mini is for beginners, while the Herbot Pro is for those with a little more gardening experience. The top of the range model, the Herbot Grande is larger, designed for those with a serious thirst for growing their own.

All three have Google Assistant built in, so you can ask it for advice, recipes and more to quickly become a gardening pro.

You can also see a live feed of how your crops are doing, whenever and wherever you are.

Plant pods currently available include peppers, green beans, celery, tomatoes, blueberries, strawberries, rocket, Thai basil, red kale, lemon balm, parsley, lemon grass, jasmine, amaryllis and orchids.