Enterprise robotics company Puppet wants to make it easier to introduce automation into businesses, building a system that can help you decide which parts of your IT to automate.

“In order to harness the potential of the latest technologies, CIOs must execute on a roadmap that scales DevOps and automation success,” said Sanjay Mirchandani, CEO, Puppet. “Extending automation—making it pervasive across every environment—is critical to delivering better software, faster.”

However, many CIOs and tranformation teams are clueless where to start. They know the benefits that automation can bring, but where do they start?

Puppet’s Discovery engine seeks to make this a much simpler process. Businesses are able to understand what’s running within their business, serving up the results in a single dashboard that offers IT managers to choose which parts to automate.

It will identify applications running on traditional, cloud, and container-based infrastructure, discovering what’s holding up productivity, gaining in-depth insights about applications and offering suggestions to the user.

“The conversation is shifting from talking about how every company is a software company to instead focus on what’s needed to drive that transformation,” said Omri Gazitt, chief product officer Puppet said.

“Puppet’s product portfolio gives companies what they need to use automation as the foundation of that change, across every domain—infrastructure, applications, cloud, containers, and networking devices.”

It also gives the entire organisation greater visibility of what’s going on across the entire business. Puppet explained that although businesses are becoming more open to adopting project-based methodologies such as DevOps, other parts of the business remain to be too fragmented and this is holding up the development of new products and services.

Implementing automation means the applications and processes causing roadblocks instead be unlocked and automated, freeing up employee time to focus on innovation instead.