iPatrol has launched the second version of its robot called Riley that will roam around your home, alerting you if intruders enter.

It will record its surroundings on a 5-megapixel camera as it wanders around your home on its tank-like rollers. The original only featured a 3-megapixel cam.

Integrated night vision means whether it’s night or day, everything can be caught on camera and a speaker means it can scare intruders away if it senses a threat, by telling them you’ve called the police, for example. Its integrated microphone will also record sound – for example, if burglars are having a casual chat while stealing your belongings.

Riley can be controlled via an iOS or Android application and operates via you home’s Wi-Fi network and you’ll get alerts through via the app if movement is detected at any time.

The roving robot is powered by a rechargeable battery and if it senses it’s about to run out of juice, it’ll head back to its charging station automatically so you don’t miss out on any home monitoring.

Riley’s intelligent design also means if your kids or pets get a little carried away following Riley around the house and knock him over, he’ll pop straight back up again and continue monitoring, safeguarding your home against outsider threats.

“Riley is a smart and mobile companion that monitors your home with real-time video,” said iPatrol’s Founder Rodney Lo. “Unlike most home-security devices, Riley is mobile and can travel on most any surface without getting stuck, thanks to its rugged tank treads.”

“Riley is not just a home-monitoring tool,” continued Lo. “Riley helps you feel like you’re in two places at once.”

Riley mark II is on sale for a recommended retail price of $229 (£175), compared to its cheaper predecessor that retailed at $159 (£120).