Ever thought it would be awesome to connect everything up to your smart home, even if it’s not smart itself (like a plant pot, your entire basement or a window?).

Oval has launched the second iteration of its smart sensor, connecting up to anything in your home you want to monitor, via a sticky-backed sensor that can monitor motion, light, temperature, water and humidity levels.

For example, if you want to check whether the humidity’s OK for your precious orchid or you want to make sure your kid’s bedroom isn’t too hot or cold, you can pop a sensor on it and it’ll send real-time feedback to your smartphone.

You can also use any number of IFTTT automation with the little device and with Alexa and Amazon Home support, you can control pretty much anything in your house.

It’s not just about making your home smarter, but also making you think about your life and your true requirements. The company says using the sensors will make you think more about key concerns, such as preserving energy, considering your personal safety and save you money by understanding your own habits. That’s pretty deep.

This is the second iteration of Oval. The first was pretty smart, but this takes it to a whole new level.

“We spent the year speaking to our customers all over the world, learning how they were using OVAL around the home and asking how we could improve our smart sensor to provide even more value to our customers,” the company said.

“We found that OVAL was so successful at improving the safety and comfort of its customers while also protecting their home and property, that we decided to further refine it and engineer OVAL 2.0 – an even smarter sensor.”

The company is now looking for funding on Kickstarter. It’ll cost you $99 for an Oval if you act fast, otherwise it’ll jump up to $149. The company is waiving the first year’s subscription for anyone signing up via the crowd finding platform. How nice of them.