CrowdStrike has launched a new module to its Falcon platform, enabling cyber-security experts to identify and alleviate threats with the use of automation and machine learning to combat attacks.

Falcon X works alongside human analysts to provide the most secure solution possible, because a fully-automated platform doesn’t have the same accuracy as humans. However, taking a fully-human-led approach is too resource-intensive for the majority of companies.

“Most incident response teams have to manually analyze the threats they face with limited visibility into the targeted threat intelligence behind them,” Dmitri Alperovitch, CrowdStrike’s co-founder and chief technology officer said.

“With CrowdStrike Falcon X, we elevate customers’ abilities to perform better analysis when a threat is detected and correlate it with strategic and tactical intelligence quickly, cutting down investigation time from hours and even days to seconds.”

Falcon X quarantines and automatically investigates the severity of threats identified b CrowdStrike Falcon endpoint protection. This includes unknown and zero-day threats and then finds a relationship between endpoints and related campaigns, malware families or threat actors.

These threats are continuously identified and analysed for a business’s specific sector, or risks related to each company, making it much more personalised compared to generic threat intelligence platforms. This intelligence is then shared with other security tools via Falcon X’s API.

Any intelligence relating to new or existing attacks is displayed alongside the alert, making it much easier for cyber threat analysts to understand the risk and take action accordingly.

“Through this automation, we help smaller teams achieve a level of protection that would normally be out of reach, and we help larger teams make each of their analysts more effective,” Alperovitch added. “Falcon X provides all security teams with more comprehensive threat analysis to inform effective, prioritized response options, making remediation efforts more strategic and efficient,”