Pre-Bot is a wooden toy robot with an accompanying book that teaches children positive behaviour traits. Although the robot doesn’t really ‘do’ anything, except serve as a companion, it’s an educational concept that encourages children to use their creativity and imagination.

The process used to create stories helps developing common sense reasoning. Usually, kids don’t comprehend the need to modify negative behaviour patterns as they simply cannot see past their current actions and so aren’t able to comprehend that by changing their negative actions into positive, they will get a positive response.

With Pre-Bot series, your kid will be able to pick up on examples of good behaviour and its consequences early, learning behavioural patterns by their teacher (Pre-Bot the toy’s) example. One possibility of how this can be applied is if the child refuses to listen to parents or Pre-Bot. To teach the child how it feels not to be listened to, Pre-Bot will not listen to the child.

Similarly, if the child is being rude, then their Pre-Bot will be the same. The first instalment sees Timmy bullying others. However, Timmy doesn’t understand the impact bullying can have until Pre-Bot starts to bully too and this is how he learns it doesn’t feel good when being bullied, so the child must not act in that way.

Future stories aim to teach children to be polite, careful, thankful, patient, brave, and kind.

Pre-Bot’s creator, Rod Lowe has worked closely with illustrator Gatto to bring the story of Pre-Bot to life. He’s now launched a campaign on Kickstarter to help develop the concept and introduce new characters to the story, including Square-Bot and Rec-Bot – both interchangeable wooden toys that use pegs and magnets to change their shapes. These will be added to the range of Lowe raises $72,000 or more.