Improving the original Airdog 1 model, the new Airdog ADII is the ultimate drone with advanced, smart tracking technology, perfect design, and autonomous, all-terrain, flight performance.

The drone has a distance sensor that prevents ground collisions and extreme modifications in elevation at high speeds. To create vibration-free and professional videos, it has got a built-in gimbal and uses the GoPro HERO 5 Black camera to record its footage.

The drone is also weather resistant and its flight is powered by a high quality propulsion system giving high quality tracking and footage even in the most difficult weather conditions.

Instead of a simple remote control with joysticks and big display screens, you can control the ADII with an AirLeash and according to Digital Trends, “the ADII takes auto-follow to a whole new level.”

The AirLeash interface has 11 Sport/Action presets giving tailored settings and interesting safety features to give the best video making and flight experiences.

The “Follow Mode” gives the best control for the chosen creative aspects with extreme levels of safety in zones like single-track trails while staying away from obstacles. Within this mode, you can also choose between fixed follow and adaptive follow or circle.

Once you’ve launched your ADII, it will either keep the angle/perspective locked regardless of the movement or modification in direction. Or you can keep the drone shooting from the front with the camera pointing towards the subject all the time, regardless of modifications in its trajectory or height.

Landing is all automated and is started when battery levels run low or when you manually choose to by sending a command from the AirLeash tracking device.

Helico Aerospace, the company behind Airdog II is hoping to raise $250,000 (£190,000) on Kickstarter for the AirDog ADII and, at the time of writing, has managed to raise just over half.

The drone will cost $1500 (£1,135) when it’s widely available, but you can get your hands on it early from $1,099 (£830) on Kickstarter.