SaltStack’s IT automation platform has been snapped up a vast roster of large corporations to deploy and automate their cloud infrastructure operations.

The automated platform helps businesses automate parts of their IT operations, so they can instead focus on innovation and developing the parts of the business that need human input. It uses event-driven automation, constantly scanning for potential vulnerabilities in a business’s cloud set-up and alerting IT staff to potential issues if they’re perceived to be a serious threat.

“We’ve proven that automation drives efficiency and saves both money and time. The IT world we live in today is more complex,” Chenn said in a recent interview with the Daily Herald. “As companies move more into the cloud, SaltStack technology enables the rapid adoption of cloud infrastructure and helps manage and secure their infrastructure workloads.”

The technology was developed in response to the growing complexity of cloud systems in organisations. As more cloud-based applications and services are tagged onto a business’s IT infrastructure, they can become harder and harder to manage.  Add to the mix that many of these technologies are new to IT teams, let alone non-tech staff and it can create a whole world of confusion, keeping on top of them all.

“What [Salt founder Tom Hatch] realized was that IT professionals have a lot of complexity they are dealing with every day — but the tools they were using were very old. Tom created a scalable solution that was able to manage all the component parts of the infrastructure,” Chenn added.

SaltStack is currently working with businesses including Adobe, Intuit, Lyft and LinkedIn to automate their cloud security and make it easier for IT staff to manage on a day-to-day basis.