If you’re feeling a little uninspired about your home’s decor, it’s worth having a look at Scribit’s wall writing robot that can make your home beautiful without the burden of having to choose wallpaper or art pieces.

The writing robot can draw or write on any vertical surface, sprucing up even the most boring spaces. Whether you want a huge mural, writing to help your child learn or reminders of affirmations to make every day positive on your walls, this robot can deal with it.

It’s also perfect for restaurants to permanently display their menu or if you attend events and need to promote your price list or information on your stand walls.

The robot was developed by MIT professor Carlo Ratti. It comprises four coloured markers – by default they’re red, yellow, blue and black (but you can purchase extras for $7 each or a set for $15 and change them very easily) and just needs an internet connection and plug socket to operate.

It has two integrated wheels to move over the surface – whether that be a wall, a whiteboard, glass and sketches out the designs you create on the Scribit app. There are lots of reinstalled designs and elements you can use to create your art and share these with friends to spruce up their own homes too.

Scribit also syncs with lots of other apps including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, plus Alexa, Google and Siri, so you can control it using your voice if you wish.

You can also erase your design easily and re-draw over the same spot as much as you like. The eraser woks by heat. As it heats up and goes over your design, the ink will evaporate and disappear, leaving a blank canvas for you to draw over again and again.