London-based company Buzz Technology has developed a drone that will fit into your smartphone case, making it one of the smallest photography drones around.

The flying machine slides out of a specially-developed mobile case alongside a camera that can be mounted upon the drone to transform it into a photographic drone. The drone’s propellers move into flying position when removed from its protective casing and within seconds, it’s ready to fly.

Both the drone and the camera mounted upon it are tethered to the phone, meaning the drone’s flying distance is unfortunately limited in comparison to free-cruising drones. However, this means the tiny drone won’t be swept away by the wind.

Another bonus of the tiny device is that the drone will fly for longer than full-sized drones – up to 25 minutes in fact – making it an attractive option for those who feel a little disappointed by larger flying cameras available on the market.

With a clear focus on quality photography, the lenses of Buzz Technology’s micro drone can be swapped depending on the type of photography you’re undertaking. So if you want to concentrate on detail, add a macro lens, or a wide angle if you’re taking a landscape shot.

The camera itself shoots at a resolution of between 8 and 12 megapixels to keep it in line with most smartphones’ cameras and can be flipped to take selfies rather than just of its surroundings.

A magnetic mounting system is also available for the camera, meaning it can be mounted on any metallic object, such as a car, bike or helmet, taking on the likes of GoPro without having to buy expensive extra equipment.

Buzz Technology’s micro drone will be launching on Kickstarter in September when it will attempt to raise funds to mass produce the drone in a phone.