There’s nothing more gross than cleaning the toilet. Traditional toilet brushes are riddled with bacteria and let’s face it, even the gels you can put down the toilet don’t clean the bowl in the same way as a brush.

So what’s the solution? A toilet cleaning robot of course! The Spinx toilet cleaning robot will take on the disgusting work of scrubbing your toilet for you, so you can step back and let it get to work after doing your business.

In fact, it’s a revolution. After you’ve been to the toilet, you can just press a button and hurrah! The toilet will be scrubbed in just 90 seconds.

The robot is reminiscent of self-cleaning toilets available in Asia, but this one isn’t designed for cleaning you up after you’ve been for a number 2. No, no, no. It only cleans when you close the lid. Do that, press the button and high-intensity sprays will clean the bowl. There’s also soap and a hidden bush that will scrub the sides.

it’ll even clean the seat too, so when you pop along for your next visit, you can be rest assured that will be ready to sit on, without a dirty mark in sight.

There are multiple Spinx programmes available, depending on the intensity of the clean needed, so whether it’s just a quick wipe around or a more intensive clean you need, you can choose the least wasteful programme.

And the best thing about Spinx’s campaign on Indiegogo? Its tag line is “Spinx. It’s great to be alive.” Yes, yes it is when you don’t have to touch the toilet bowl to clean it.