Although social robots for humans are becoming more popular, pets need some social connection too – especially when you’re at work all day and can’t give them the attention they need.

VRAAM’s Pet Fitness Robot integrates artificial intelligence to stimulate your pet around the clock. It can also be used to track your pet’s activity, so if you’re at work and you want to check your pet’s happy and healthy, you can do so pretty easily.

Think your pooch deserves a special treat? You can decide when to set a treat free or tell the robot to play games with it at any point. Everything can be controlled via a smartphone app, making it easy to trigger Pet Fitness Robot whenever you like.

“We are animal lovers above all else,” said Bee-Oh Kim, global marketing deputy general manager of VARRAM.

“To develop our product, our team sought out advice from animal behavior specialists during the design process. Although playing with the Pet Fitness Robot may seem like a lighthearted activity, it can make a world of difference for a pet’s overall well-being. We are driven by improving the quality of life of humans and pets through robot technology.”

He added that at any point in the day, the robot can be triggered to distract your pet from the loneliness and stress related to being alone all day. In fact , in tests, the company said it saw many of its test subjects become more confident, less depressed and more awake when they were playing with Pet Fitness Robot.

VRAAM’s pet companion is super-robust too, able to withstand stresses of up to 630lbs and it’s resistant to the bites, scratches and gnaws of over 50 different large dogs. It’s also water resistant, so any slobbering dogs are catered for too.