Robotics manufacturer xArm has claimed its robotic manufacturing arm can boost productivity in factories by more than 95% thanks to its smart design.

Although there’s nothing new with robotic arms in factory settings, xArm apparently has much higher levels of accuracy than its competitors, plus it’s available at a fraction of the price. It’s taking aim at the smaller businesses that may not have enough money just yet to spend on a huge piece of kit.

But just because it doesn’t cost a huge amount, doesn’t mean it can’t do the job as well as its rivals.

The xArm 5 Lite is the entry-level robot, costing $2,299. It features five joints and a payload of 2kg, with a reach of 691mm. It’ been designed for pick and place tasks, with a suction cup and a gripper for picking objects up.

The next level up is the xArm 6, with, you guessed it, 6 joints. It also packs in a harmonic drive, 15bit motor encoders, a brushless motor, xArm’s controller, universal mount, emergency stop switch and an anti-collision system. It’ll set you back ¢4,999 (around £4,000) and is designed for pick and place operations like the smaller model, plus machine tending, industrial assembly, loading and unloading tasks.

The top of the range xArm 7 is available for $5,999 (£4,683) with 7 joints and a payload of 3.5g. It’s designed for more advanced functions such as robotics research, service automation and filming on top of those offered by the xArm 4 and xArm 6.

“Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and businesses are constantly evolving. Business owners need to find a cost effective solution to boost productivity and product quality,” the company wrote on its Kickstarter page. “Entrepreneurs need to be innovative in a industry in order to survive and thrive.”