Ever wanted to guarantee you’ll catch a fish when you go out fishing, but struggle to get the bait in the right place? Enter AguaDrone, a flying drone that’s also completely waterproof and can help you target your bait in the best places to catch fish.

The modular drone allows you to click in ‘pods’ according to what you want to do with it. For example, there’s a Find Pod, which will send sonar images to a smartphone, helping you find the fish up to 140 feet under water, gauge the water’s depth and temperature, while the Fish Pod is an integrated FPV camera that can fly the bait to remote spots in the hope it will lure the fish to your location. It can carry up to 2lbs ad that extra advantage o seeing where the fish are is a bonus.

The Film Pod allows you to film every moment of your fishing journey, both above and below the water thanks to the drone and the pod’s waterproof casing.

The AguaDrone supports the open source community with a special pod developed specifically so you can add your own attachments, such as extra power or a transmitter. With more pods coming soon, the AguaDrone definitely seems to be an all-in-one fishing companion.

AguaDrone is available to buy on Kickstarter from $699 (£553) for the ready to fly kit, comprising the AguaDrone, remote control, battery and charger. However, if you’d rather pick up a drone with one of the pods, you can up your donation to $828 (£655) or buy the whole lot for $1349 (£1067).

AguaDrone should be ready to ship in February next year, so although it won’t arrive for Christmas, you won’t have to wait too long into the new year until you can ramp up your fishing efforts.