Automation Anywhere has opened its Bot Store to machine learning and AI developers, allowing them to offer up their bots for developing new applications and services.

The company has added its cognitive IQ Bot tech into the mix, to help turn unstructured data into structured data for developing business processes such as financial data.

Integrating automation into invoicing, payments and purchase ordering will enable verticals struggling with innovation to concentrate on being art eh forefront of their industry rather than dealing with reams of paperwork.

Bot Store has grown rapidly as a resource for developers to share their plug ‘n’ play, off the shelf robots. In fact, Automation Anywhere says the marketplace has grown 100% just two months after launching.

“Since its launch two months ago, the Bot Store has seen unprecedented growth in both visitors and downloads,” said Abhijit Kakhandiki, Senior VP, Products and Engineering at Automation Anywhere.

“The ability to develop and offer cognitive bots now enable more business processes to be automated, further accelerating our customers’ digital transformations.”         

And it’s the artificial intelligence sector that’s grown fastest, with 24 bits now available for developers to use. Speech-to-text is the most popular category within that for downloads.

Businesses are using the resources for a wide range of applications, although finance is the frontrunner, with allocation of payments against outstanding invoice the most popular implementation.    

The addition of Automation Anywhere’s IQ Bot is a big step for Automation Anywhere, moving towards a more diverse set of tools. Previously, it was focused on Business Process Automation – the company’s core service.                                            

“We are excited to take our process automation expertise to the market through cognitive bots in the Bot Store,” said Damian Jankowski, COO at Ataway. “Our clients in Latin America and the US will now be able to accelerate automation in areas like invoice processing and suppliers’ management with IQ Bot.”