Bolt Drones has attracted a whole load of interest in its out of the box first person drone that’s been designed for every type of drone user – from beginners to intermediates and experts, adapting the experience according to how well you know how to fly.

The Bolt Drone is made from carbon fibre, so it’s super light, but don’t let that concern you. With an FPV goggle and controller system, HD camera and altitude stabilisation, your drone will always stay on course and footage crystal clear, even if it’s a little windy out.

Beginners and drone enthusiasts alike can start flying the Bolt Drone right out of the box by just turning it and the controller on. The two will synchronise automatically and once the two are connected, trigger beginner’s mode to make learning the basics of drone flying a piece of cake.

If you’re a more advanced user, you can use the screen on controller mode, which involves adding the screen onto the controller so the two sync, beaming back the footage in real time, so you can control the drone without even being able to see it from the ground.

The most advanced mode is FPV Googles. Switch the screen for the goggles and you’ll be able to get a drone’s eye view of the world, controlling it as if you’re in the cockpit.

The Bolt Drone has been tested in Los Angeles for over two years by a team of aerospace engineers, expert product designers and drone enthusiasts. The team comprises military veterans, product designers, engineers and drone fanatics, meaning flying this particularly drone in unlikely to disappoint.

It’ll set you back from $175 (£135) if you’re quick on Kickstarter. The reason why the price is so affordable is that the team had developed relationships with the world’s most experienced drone manufacturers. Due to the company’s direct-to-consumer approach and manufacturing partnerships, can skip the distributors, importers and retailers to sell the Bolt Drone directly to end users for less.