Bolt’s all-in-one IoT platform takes machine learning to the next level, allowing your home automation system to make intelligent decisions based on your daily schedules and other parameters it measures 24/7.

For example, connect it up to your heating system and it will learn your heating preferences without you having to invest in Nest or any other smart heating device. If your washing machine is on the out, Bolt can be programmed to contact the service centre to log a ticket with the precise problem, before it’s too late and your machine dies. Or if your house plants are feeling a little dry, Bolt will work out when they’re likely to dry out next time and water them before the situation gets too dire.

Even though IoT is growing at an exceptional speed, developers and makers around the world are unable to match up with their development speed,” Bolt explained. “This is because of the many separate elements required to build a project. You need to aggregate, learn how to integrate from a clutter of resources on the net.

Bolt comprises a Wi-Fi module, cloud services, pre-programmed apps and APIs that can be adapted according to your lifestyle. The pins on the Wi-Fi module can be adapted, with more sensors added when you need them. Everything can be tweaked using the GUI based pin selector or you can used the advanced options and edit the code via Bolt Cloud. They’re then pushed to the Wi-Fi module over-the-air.

The final piece to the platform is the Android and iOS apps that allows you to link the hardware to the cloud and monitor or control your applications from one place.