Although DJI‘s Matrice 600, AKA DJI M600 drone isn’t the cheapest around (it’ll cost you a rather handsome £3,200), it’s a super-smart drone that adapts to the camera load it’s carrying.

Designed for professionals to use for capturing epic aerial shots for films and the suchlike, this super-smart flying machine works with the company’s existing Osmo hand-held stabiliser to make sure shots don’t suffer from vibrations or unstable atmospheres.

The hexacopter features a retractable landing gear to make sure it stays out of the way of the camera mounted on it when shooting full 360-degree footage, dust-proof propellers, and self-cooling motors to make sure it stays fully-functioning when shooting on location.

The DJI M600 can be controlled by the A3 flight controller, which adjusts the drone’s handling according to the camera mounted on it. For those requiring higher frame rates and the ability to live stream HD video from more than three miles away, you can air the M600 with the Lightbridge 2 camera link.

With six smart batteries, you won’t have to worry about the unit crash landing in the middle of the desert, because the power will just switch the juice load to the next if one dies, making it super-safe for remote filming.

It’s compatible with the company’s X3, X5 and X5R cameras, with varying flight times for each. It’ll also work with other manufacturers’ professional cameras if you add on the Ronin-MX.

Those familiar with DJI’s other drones will know it’s set to be another flexible film tool, with lots of additional accessories available from the company’s portfolio of filmmaking supplies. However, its built-inbuilt-in components, like its own IMU, Bluetooth, and 2.4 GHz receiver make it a great starting point for those looking to step up their aerial footage skills.