Druiser is apparently the world’s smallest diving drone, offering up an immersive first person view of the ocean through its remote controlled HD camera module.

Its hull will be built out of robust polycarbonate to ensure it can stand up to the rough nature of the ocean and high pressure of water compressing its outer shell.

The creators of Druiser also made the decision to use polycarbonate to ensure the HD camera operates in the most optimal way possible, without possible obstructions.

Because it’s so lightweight, Druiser can cruise through the ocean easily, with its overall construction allowing for easy manoeuvring through the water.

The Singaporean team behind Druiser built their plans upon the way a manta ray moves through the ocean, using a propulsion engine alongside its chassis design to ensure it swims effortlessly.

Remarkably, the Druiser drone can dive down up to ten metres and can swim for up to 30 metres away from its controller. The battery will enable it to swim for up to 30 minutes, even when streaming video back to its owner.

Although there’s great potential for Druiser, the team behind it cancelled the campaign just two weeks before it’s due to finish funding and after raising almost a third of its goal.

“Two weeks ago, we launched a Kickstarter campaign for Druiser,” the creators wrote on its Kickstarter page. “On the fifth day, we had over $5,000 in pre-orders and were on track to shatter the funding goal. Two weeks before the deadline, our team made the tough decision that canceling, re-factoring, and then re-launching would be the best way to go forward for Druiser.”

We certainly look forward to seeing what comes of the super-powerful underwater drone in the future.