Thinking about buying a robotic vacuum cleaner to stay on top of your household cleaning? You might just want to have a little think about Eufy’s RoboVac, which has just experienced a pretty nifty upgrade – the Eufy RoboVac 11+.

Not only has the battery life been extended to offer around 100 minutes of autonomous cleaning, but it’s also now got larger wheels to navigate around your home better, even if there are inclines or obstacles (such as doorways) it needs to avoid.

The dustbin has also been enlarged, meaning more capacity for more dirt and less time wasted emptying the robot, all without taking its price up too much.

Unlike some of the other robotic vacuum cleaners on the market that pack in some seemingly pointless features, the RoboVac keeps these unnecessaries to a minimum and does its job perfectly well. It has a decent amount of suction to get rid of the majority of household dirt and it navigates smoothly around the entire home, picking up pet hair easily and filtering out allergens with its integrated HEPA filter.

One of the Eufy RoboVac’s finer points is its price. At just a little above £200, it’s one of the most competitive robotic vacuum cleaners out there. Many of its rivals start at £250 or even higher (the Miele RX1 Scout is £500, for example) and offer fewer features or lesser cleaning power than this budget vacuum.

Whether you’re cleaning wooden, laminate, stone, tiled or carpeted floors, the RoboVac glides across the surface and doesn’t push dirt to the corners like other vacuum cleaners either. It really its a top all-rounder if you’re looking to enter the world of robotic vacuum cleaners.